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School office: 980-343-0736

Principal email: [email protected]

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Chromebook/Materials Pick-up

  • Location: Waddell High School, 7030 Nations Ford Road, Charlotte, NC 28217
  • We will have the line moving as efficiently as possible, but appreciate your patience if there is a bit of a back-up at different parts of the day.

Please note: you MUST come to device pickup! If you have a CMS device from last year, please bring it in!

Login information

  • Open Chromebook and type in Student ID (numbers)
    • It should appear as  [email protected]
    • “” should appear automatically. If it does not, type in.
  • The password default is: YYMMDD 
    • Example- Student Birthday: August 7, 2017.   Password: 170807
    • If the password was CHANGED last year, continue to use the changed password.
    • Forgot changed password?  The school can reset it for you.

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We will talk more about supplies during the orientation next week. For the first week, please work on having the following ready:

  • A workspace for your child. Consider having a couple of options that they can move between. For example, they may want to sit at a table/desk while they participate, but lie on a couch/floor when they are reading. Let them try a couple different spots where they are able to work comfortably and maintain their focus.
  • Plan for Organization. Just as in class your student would have a desk or cubby to keep their learning materials organized, it would be helpful for them to have a shelf, bin, or other space where they can organize and put away their learning materials. 
  • Something to write on. For the first week, this can be loose lined paper, a notebook, a binder, or anything else your child feels comfortable and organized with. Please make sure that there are lines on the paper so that it is easier to organize math thinking and keep writing legible.
  • Something to write with. Pencils are not the best option, because the writing doesn’t show up as well if students show their work on the laptop camera or take a picture to share with their teacher. If your child gets frustrated with mistakes, it would be great to find them erasable pens, but this is not critical. Pens, thin markers, dark colored pencils, will all work.

Help us choose a mascot for the Virtual Elementary School!

About Principal King

At the August 10 Board of Education meeting, Kimberly King was named principal at Charlotte Virtual Elementary. She has been director of virtual learning and media services since 2018. King was assistant principal at Montclaire Elementary (2013-2018) and academic facilitator, data coach and technology facilitator at Pinewood Elementary (2010-2013). She also was a principal intern at Pinewood Elementary (2009-2010) and a teacher at Forest View Elementary in Durham Public Schools (2005-2009). King earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Duke University, Durham, and a master’s degree in school administration from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


UPDATE: CMS Virtual School Enrollment is Closed!

Families who applied for virtual school transfers between Aug. 19 and Sept. 3, were placed on a waitlist and will be notified as space becomes available.

Students on the waitlist must attend their currently assigned schools until notified of admission to a CMS virtual school.

In accordance with N.C. Department of Public Instruction policy, students must attend at least one day in the first 10 days or they will be automatically withdrawn from CMS and removed from both their assigned school and the CMS virtual academy waitlist!

Enrollment for 2021-22 is available only to those students or families with a medical or health condition. Admission is not guaranteed

  • Apply using the request for transfer process (linked in the button below)
  • Choose “Medical or health condition” as the reason for transfer.
  • A completed medical packet will be required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will the virtual schools start and end?

A: The virtual schools will follow the district’s 2021-22 academic year calendar. All teacher workdays, early release days, holidays and breaks will be consistent with the district’s in-person schools. The first day of school is August 25, 2021, and the last day of school is June 8, 2022.

Q:      When will the 3-8 grades registration be available?

A:        Registration is available now at If your child is not a current CMS student, you must first enroll at your neighborhood school, then request the transfer.  Enrollment information can be found at

Q:      Are you doing a virtual school with teachers “live at a consistent hour” or is it more like you can log on anytime and there are assignments but no live teachers teaching lessons at certain scheduled times?

A:        There will be a blend of synchronous (live at a particular time) and asynchronous (independent) work, with time in each part depending on the grade level and/or class. For the elementary school, the first half of the day will be mostly synchronous, and the second half mostly asynchronous. However, there will be some synchronous opportunities in the later part of the day, including opportunities for targeted support, enrichment, clubs, office hours with teachers, and a closing class meeting to give students an opportunity to reflect and goal-set.

Q:      Why is a virtual option not being offered for grades K through 2?

A:        The district is not offering a K-2 virtual option because best teaching practices for this age group require in-person learning.

Q:      Can my child continue at his/her current school and still do virtual? 

A:        No, the new virtual schools are completely separate from students’ current neighborhood or magnet school, with dedicated teachers assigned to the virtual schools. 

Q:      Can you confirm you will be offering Virtual School for the EC children?

A:        Yes, EC students can participate in the virtual schools, with appropriate services provided according to students’ Individual Education Plans.

Q:      Will there be a location for the school or is that virtual too? If there is a location, will students from all grades (3-12) be housed in the same place?

A:        The Virtual Elementary and Middle Schools will be temporarily housed at E.E. Waddell, 7030 Nations Ford Road, Charlotte, NC 28217. This location will be used for testing as well as other in-person needs.

Q:      Will there be transportation available for this school? When will transportation be needed?

A:        Students will need to be in-person for some testing situations (3rd grade BOG, EOGs, EOCs), and transportation will be provided if needed for those situations.

Q:      How many administrators will be available for this school?

A:        Each school will have its own principal. The elementary principal is Ms. Kim King. 

Q:      I am interested in the hiring process for this virtual school. How do I apply to be a teacher or administrator?

A:        Start by visiting the Careers page:

Q:      Will the classes be asynchronous or synchronous?

A:        For grades 3-8, there will be some synchronous time each day.

Q:      How are they similar to/different from the remote learning that happened during the pandemic?

A:        The virtual schools will be completely separate from the assigned school, with dedicated staff members teaching online. Students will be part of a class and a community just like they would in an in-person school setting. Students will be able to develop relationships and interact in both academic and less formal virtual environments with their peers.

Q:      Will breakfast/lunch be provided for Virtual students?

A:        We are working on finding the answer to this question.

Q:      What will the bell schedule be for these schools?

A:        The Virtual Elementary School will meet from 9:15 a.m. until 4:15 p.m.