2020-2021 School Choice Lottery Results (Round 1 and 2)

Lottery results were generated at the end of the lottery in March 2020 for the 2020-2021 school year.

For questions regarding a specific school and grade, please contact the School Choice office at [email protected]

The following numbers were revised on May 15, 2020.

School NameGradeTotal SeatedWait Pool
iMeck @ Cochrane Collegiate Academy91080
iMeck @ Cochrane Collegiate Academy10980
iMeck @ Cochrane Collegiate Academy11740
iMeck @ Cochrane Collegiate Academy12520
Performance Learning Center9180
Performance Learning Center10260
Performance Learning Center11320
Performance Learning Center12410
LI/TD at Mallard CreekKI370
LI/TD at Mallard Creek1321
LI/TD at Mallard Creek2345
LI/TD at Mallard Creek3130
LI/TD at Mallard Creek4120
LI/TD at Mallard Creek5220
LI/TD at BarringerKI376
LI/TD at Barringer13214
LI/TD at Barringer23314
LI/TD at Barringer3300
LI/TD at Barringer4330
LI/TD at Barringer5380
LI/TD at IdlewildKI390
LI/TD at Idlewild13818
LI/TD at Idlewild23911
LI/TD at Idlewild3250
LI/TD at Idlewild4220
LI/TD at Idlewild5260
LI/TD at TuckaseegeeKI50
LI/TD at Tuckaseegee190
LI/TD at Tuckaseegee2180
LI/TD at Tuckaseegee360
LI/TD at Tuckaseegee480
LI/TD at Tuckaseegee5100
LI/TD at Irwin Academic CenterKI5468
LI/TD at Irwin Academic Center15429
LI/TD at Irwin Academic Center26413
LI/TD at Irwin Academic Center3380
LI/TD at Irwin Academic Center4620
LI/TD at Irwin Academic Center5550
LI/TD at Shamrock GardensKI4624
LI/TD at Shamrock Gardens14110
LI/TD at Shamrock Gardens2437
LI/TD at Shamrock Gardens3200
LI/TD at Shamrock Gardens4201
LI/TD at Shamrock Gardens5190
Waddell Language Academy6157103
Waddell Language Academy715127
Waddell Language Academy814818
Language Academy at South Meck922759
Language Academy at South Meck1019213
Language Academy at South Meck111510
Language Academy at South Meck121371
Language Academy at North Meck9737
Language Academy at North Meck10328
Language Academy at North Meck11380
Language Academy at North Meck12440
Paw Creek Computer ScienceKI220
Paw Creek Computer Science1250
Paw Creek Computer Science2210
Paw Creek Computer Science3330
Paw Creek Computer Science4240
Paw Creek Computer Science5251
Dorothy J. Vaughan Academy of TechnologyKI460
Dorothy J. Vaughan Academy of Technology1700
Dorothy J. Vaughan Academy of Technology2790
Dorothy J. Vaughan Academy of Technology3785
Dorothy J. Vaughan Academy of Technology47611
Dorothy J. Vaughan Academy of Technology5746
Northeast Computer Science6350
Northeast Computer Science7210
Northeast Computer Science8200
Northridge Computer Science67734
Northridge Computer Science7780
Northridge Computer Science8726
Wilson Computer Science6250
Wilson Computer Science7200
Wilson Computer Science8290
Harding Computer Science9657
Harding Computer Science10390
Harding Computer Science11180
Bruns Environmental STEMKI20
Bruns Environmental STEM120
Bruns Environmental STEM200
Bruns Environmental STEM350
Bruns Environmental STEM430
Bruns Environmental STEM510
Whitewater Enviromental STEM6490
Whitewater Enviromental STEM7384
Whitewater Enviromental STEM8252
Waddell French ImmersionKI4625
Waddell French Immersion1450
Waddell French Immersion2460
Waddell French Immersion3430
Waddell French Immersion4460
Waddell French Immersion5450
Waddell German ImmersionKI473
Waddell German Immersion1450
Waddell German Immersion2460
Waddell German Immersion3420
Waddell German Immersion4420
Waddell German Immersion5370
Waddell Chinese ImmersionKI477
Waddell Chinese Immersion1460
Waddell Chinese Immersion2430
Waddell Chinese Immersion3400
Waddell Chinese Immersion4380
Waddell Chinese Immersion5320
MG Davis Military Leadership8240
Military, Leadership and  Public Safety9830
Military, Leadership and  Public Safety10674
Military, Leadership and  Public Safety11534
Military, Leadership and  Public Safety12243
IB at BillingsvilleKI350
IB at Billingsville1340
IB at Billingsville2420
IB at LansdowneKI4110
IB at Lansdowne1426
IB at Lansdowne2420
IB at Lansdowne3493
IB at Lansdowne4426
IB at Lansdowne5474
IB at Huntingtowne FarmsKI480
IB at Huntingtowne Farms1500
IB at Huntingtowne Farms2620
IB at Huntingtowne Farms3540
IB at Huntingtowne Farms4545
IB at Huntingtowne Farms5490
IB at Statesville RoadKI90
IB at Statesville Road1200
IB at Statesville Road2170
IB at Statesville Road3210
IB at Statesville Road4261
IB at Statesville Road5240
IB at Legette BlytheKI510
IB at Legette Blythe1550
IB at Legette Blythe2553
IB at Legette Blythe35510
IB at Legette Blythe45619
IB at Legette Blythe5566
IB at Marie G. DavisKI180
IB at Marie G. Davis1130
IB at Marie G. Davis2240
IB at Marie G. Davis3322
IB at Marie G. Davis4324
IB at Marie G. Davis5351
IB at Marie G. Davis6481
IB at Marie G. Davis7420
IB at Cotswold3491
IB at Cotswold4500
IB at Cotswold5501
IB at Alexander61200
IB at Alexander71460
IB at Alexander81430
IB at Randolph6382141
IB at Randolph739928
IB at Randolph83980
IB at Ranson620
IB at Ranson7290
IB at Ranson8360
IB at Piedmont638053
IB at Piedmont737983
IB at Piedmont837438
IB at Albemarle Road Middle6560
IB at Albemarle Road Middle7300
IB at Albemarle Road Middle8420
IB Magnet at East Meck93740
IB Magnet at East Meck103486
IB Magnet at East Meck112250
IB Magnet at East Meck122110
IB Magnet at Harding9470
IB Magnet at Harding10340
IB Magnet at Harding11180
IB Magnet at Harding12420
IB Magnet at West Charlotte91120
IB Magnet at West Charlotte10620
IB Magnet at West Charlotte11570
IB Magnet at West Charlotte12170
IB Magnet at Myers Park91070
IB Magnet at Myers Park10840
IB Magnet at Myers Park11750
IB Magnet at Myers Park12930
IB Magnet at North Meck92460
IB Magnet at North Meck1019011
IB Magnet at North Meck111600
IB Magnet at North Meck121120
Waddell Japanese ImmersionKI250
Waddell Japanese Immersion1200
Waddell Japanese Immersion2220
Waddell Japanese Immersion3220
Waddell Japanese Immersion4220
Waddell Japanese Immersion5150
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Virtual HS9310
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Virtual HS10470
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Virtual HS11430
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Virtual HS12570
New Rea Farms STEM MagnetKI2941
New Rea Farms STEM Magnet14215
New Rea Farms STEM Magnet24222
New Rea Farms STEM Magnet34335
New Rea Farms STEM Magnet4630
New Rea Farms STEM Magnet5490
Winget Park STEM MagnetKI3911
Winget Park STEM Magnet1406
Winget Park STEM Magnet2396
Winget Park STEM Magnet3385
Winget Park STEM Magnet4410
Winget Park STEM Magnet5403
Oakhurst STEAM MagnetKI380
Oakhurst STEAM Magnet1400
Oakhurst STEAM Magnet2349
Oakhurst STEAM Magnet3403
Oakhurst STEAM Magnet4402
Oakhurst STEAM Magnet5367
Governors Village STEM MagnetKI640
Governors Village STEM Magnet1397
Governors Village STEM Magnet2477
Governors Village STEM Magnet36415
Governors Village STEM Magnet4638
Palisades Park STEM Magnet300
Palisades Park STEM Magnet440
Palisades Park STEM Magnet540
Governors Village STEM Magnet57413
Governors Village STEM Magnet64961
Governors Village STEM Magnet77510
Governors Village STEM Magnet8965
McClintock STEAM Magnet69863
McClintock STEAM Magnet79912
McClintock STEAM Magnet8999
Kennedy STEM Magnet69614
Kennedy STEM Magnet78915
Kennedy STEM Magnet8749
New Rea Farms STEM Magnet64765
Coulwood STEM Magnet6540
Coulwood STEM Magnet7790
Coulwood STEM Magnet8800
Berry STEM Magnet92670
Berry STEM Magnet102110
Berry STEM Magnet111860
Berry STEM Magnet121290
Charlotte Engineering Early College @UNCC972189
Charlotte Engineering Early College @UNCC105844
Charlotte Engineering Early College @UNCC11630
Charlotte Engineering Early College @UNCC12450
Charlotte Engineering Early College @UNCC13790
Educators Early College @UNCC95215
Educators Early College @UNCC10467
Educators Early College @UNCC11490
Educators Early College @UNCC12430
Trillium Springs MontessoriPK2550
Trillium Springs MontessoriKI3339
Trillium Springs Montessori13015
Trillium Springs Montessori2290
Trillium Springs Montessori3300
Trillium Springs Montessori4270
Trillium Springs Montessori5290
Trillium Springs Montessori6180
Highland Mill MontessoriPK5655
Highland Mill MontessoriKI5449
Highland Mill Montessori1509
Highland Mill Montessori2420
Highland Mill Montessori3390
Highland Mill Montessori4330
Highland Mill Montessori5330
Highland Mill Montessori6180
Chantilly MontessoriPK4795
Chantilly MontessoriKI5053
Chantilly Montessori14518
Chantilly Montessori2440
Chantilly Montessori3460
Chantilly Montessori4400
Chantilly Montessori5320
Chantilly Montessori6340
Park Road MontessoriPK66245
Park Road MontessoriKI77143
Park Road Montessori16745
Park Road Montessori2690
Park Road Montessori3760
Park Road Montessori4650
Park Road Montessori5691
Park Road Montessori6480
JT Williams MidHigh Montessori7910
JT Williams MidHigh Montessori8810
JT Williams MidHigh Montessori9500
JT Williams MidHigh Montessori10450
JT Williams MidHigh Montessori11400
JT Williams MidHigh Montessori12260
Oaklawn Spanish ImmersionKI860
Oaklawn Spanish Immersion1881
Oaklawn Spanish Immersion2830
Oaklawn Spanish Immersion3740
Oaklawn Spanish Immersion4700
Oaklawn Spanish Immersion5630
Oaklawn Spanish Immersion6460
Oaklawn Spanish Immersion7500
Oaklawn Spanish Immersion8550
Collinswood Spanish ImmersionKI12033
Collinswood Spanish Immersion1990
Collinswood Spanish Immersion2890
Collinswood Spanish Immersion3890
Collinswood Spanish Immersion4820
Collinswood Spanish Immersion5770
Collinswood Spanish Immersion6890
Collinswood Spanish Immersion7820
Collinswood Spanish Immersion8800
Charlotte East Spanish ImmersionKI821
Charlotte East Spanish Immersion1620
Charlotte East Spanish Immersion2701
Charlotte East Spanish Immersion3420
Collinswood Spanish Immersion3890
Collinswood Spanish Immersion4820
Collinswood Spanish Immersion5770
Collinswood Spanish Immersion6890
Collinswood Spanish Immersion7820
Collinswood Spanish Immersion8800
Charlotte East Spanish Immersion600
Charlotte East Spanish Immersion720
Charlotte East Spanish Immersion820
Berry Academy of Technology9255324
Berry STEM Engineering Tech10021
Elizabeth TraditionalKI834
Elizabeth Traditional1791
Elizabeth Traditional28113
Elizabeth Traditional38416
Elizabeth Traditional41004
Elizabeth Traditional5990
Myers Park TraditionalKI10953
Myers Park Traditional110918
Myers Park Traditional211225
Myers Park Traditional311023
Myers Park Traditional411511
Myers Park Traditional51126
Eastway Leadership6550
Eastway Leadership7340
Eastway Leadership8213
Quail Hollow Leadership Paidea67213
Quail Hollow Leadership Paidea7730
Quail Hollow Leadership Paidea8753
Berry STEM Information Technology10228
North Meck CTE Placement910
Harding CTE Placement91990
Automotive @ North Meck9320
Automotive @ North Meck1004
Cosmetology @ North Meck91920
Cosmetology @ North Meck10011
Culinary Arts @ North Meck9380
Culinary Arts @ North Meck1003
Construction @ Harding9180
Construction @ Harding1010
Automotive @ Harding9300
Automotive @ Harding1050
3-D & Digital [email protected]9330
3-D & Digital [email protected]1020
Greenway Park Creative Arts & SciencesKI110
Greenway Park Creative Arts & Sciences1170
Greenway Park Creative Arts & Sciences2140
Greenway Park Creative Arts & Sciences3140
Greenway Park Creative Arts & Sciences4160
Greenway Park Creative Arts & Sciences550
Long Creek Creative ArtsKI180
Long Creek Creative Arts1190
Long Creek Creative Arts2200
Long Creek Creative Arts3195
Long Creek Creative Arts4144
Long Creek Creative Arts598
First Ward Creative ArtsKI520
First Ward Creative Arts1670
First Ward Creative Arts2803
First Ward Creative Arts39012
First Ward Creative Arts4850
First Ward Creative Arts57913
University Park Creative ArtsKI290
University Park Creative Arts1341
University Park Creative Arts2352
University Park Creative Arts33911
University Park Creative Arts4489
University Park Creative Arts5626
Crestdale Creative Arts610018
Crestdale Creative Arts71006
Crestdale Creative Arts8900
Northwest School of the Arts640
Northwest School of the Arts700
Northwest School of the Arts800
Northwest School of the Arts910
Northwest School of the Arts1000
Northwest School of the Arts1100
Northwest School of the Arts1200
Walter G. Byers Health SciencesKI110
Walter G. Byers Health Sciences170
Walter G. Byers Health Sciences2110
Walter G. Byers Health Sciences3200
Walter G. Byers Health Sciences4160
Walter G. Byers Health Sciences6230
Walter G. Byers Health Sciences7250
Walter G. Byers Health Sciences8220
Hawthorne Health Sciences910025
Hawthorne Health Sciences101000
Hawthorne Health Sciences11820
Hawthorne Health Sciences12610
Berry Health Sciences10022
Theatre Arts @ NWSA6320
Theatre Arts @ NWSA7683
Theatre Arts @ NWSA8640
Theatre Arts @ NWSA9540
Theatre Arts @ NWSA10710
Theatre Arts @ NWSA11490
Theatre Arts @ NWSA12540
Choral Music @ NWSA6210
Choral Music @ NWSA7152
Choral Music @ NWSA8230
Choral Music @ NWSA9290
Choral Music @ NWSA10210
Choral Music @ NWSA11130
Choral Music @ NWSA1290
Dance @ NWSA6170
Dance @ NWSA7201
Dance @ NWSA8220
Dance @ NWSA9190
Dance @ NWSA10120
Dance @ NWSA11140
Dance @ NWSA12120
Instrumental Music @ NWSA6270
Instrumental Music @ NWSA7432
Instrumental Music @ NWSA8370
Instrumental Music @ NWSA9320
Instrumental Music @ NWSA10460
Instrumental Music @ NWSA11260
Instrumental Music @ NWSA12230
Theatre Tech @ NWSA9150
Theatre Tech @ NWSA10240
Theatre Tech @ NWSA11160
Theatre Tech @ NWSA12120
Visual Arts @ NWSA6240
Visual Arts @ NWSA7312
Visual Arts @ NWSA8220
Visual Arts @ NWSA9290
Visual Arts @ NWSA10191
Visual Arts @ NWSA11180
Visual Arts @ NWSA12200

Revised May 15, 2020