The 2023-2024 school year will bring the arrival of Montessori school to Lincoln Heights. The school will support grades Pre-kindergarten through 6th grade. Students in grade Pre-k through 1st grade may obtain a seat at this school through the school choice lottery. Those in 2nd through 6th grade may request a transfer and participate in the late entry process to potentially obtain a seat.

Moving to Lincoln Heights

This will be the new home to the previously existing Trillium Springs students and staff who are choosing to continue their Montessori journey in the Lincoln Heights building and community. Located at 1900 Newcastle St, Charlotte, NC 28216, the Lincoln Heights building is equipped with 39 classrooms. Additionally the building is undergoing bond-funded renovation construction for a successful school opening in August 2023.

Coming from Trillium Springs

Trillium will be bringing many of its exceptional staff and brilliant student body to the school building at Lincoln Heights. The Trillium Springs team comes with a wealth of Montessori training and experience as well as a dedicated school leader who whole heartedly believes in the Montessori philosophy and works diligently to create the best possible public Montessori school experience. Although the school building and community will be different, the heart of Trillium remains committed to its core beliefs.

Trillium Springs Montessori is based on the belief that:‚Äč

  • Children have an innate love of learning
  • Children have the ability to reach their full potential through their own efforts
  • Children develop a vision of the universe in order to understand the unity that is in all things

The implementation of our belief depends upon a prepared environment which encourages:

  • Time for exploration
  • Opportunities for responsibility
  • Love for our world and its diverse inhabitants
  • A sense of gratitude for the special gifts which have been provided by others
  • An awareness for gifts that they themselves may share with others.

Join the waitlist!

Although the program is currently at capacity, it is highly likely that we will be able to accept more students in the near future. Please sign up to join our waitlist to ensure that we can contact you when the opportunity is available!

News and updates

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