Currently a CMS student?

You are already registered, so contact your current school if you need your child’s student ID and PIN.

New to CMS?

Your first step is to register in CMS as a new student. Your child will automatically be assigned to your neighborhood school based on your home address.  You will be provided with your child’s student ID and PIN as soon as they are available.



Learn about the many offerings and focus areas. Check out theme descriptions and use links to visit school websites, which may include recorded open house presentations.

Some magnet programs, including Dual Language and Montessori, have late-entry requirements.  Use the link below to read more about those requirements.

Listed below is a link to the listing of magnet schools with space.  These lists will be updated regularly.



Request a reassignment or transfer into the magnet school you are interested in.

Please note:   You should NOT request a transfer into a school you are waitlisted for. That transfer will automatically be denied.  If a magnet school is not listed on the “Schools with Space” list, do not request a transfer into that school, as the request will be denied.

Please contact Student Placement regarding deadlines for submitting reassignments and transfers for the 2024-2025 school year; these dates are posted on the Reassignment webpage linked below.



Student Placement will send a letter with the results of your request.  If the request for transfer/reassignment is denied, the letter will include instructions for how to appeal the decision.

You may use the links below to see how many students were seated in each of the last five lotteries.