Blended and Virtual Learning

The Blended & Virtual Learning programs were designed using a formal approach to education that involves full or partial online delivery of content with some element of student control over the time, place, path and/or pace of their learning. By leveraging the internet, students receive a personalized learning experience.

Blended Learning ​​

The Blended Learning (BL) program is designed to offer students a combination of face-to-face and online instruction. The program offers a rigorous curriculum comprised of Honors, Advanced Placement, online-courses, and college courses. Students begin their college and career exploration from the moment they walk through our doors. Students in grades 9 and 10 are introduced to various career options and have the opportunity to network with business leaders. In grades 11 and 12, students can gain real-life experience through academic internship opportunities.

Special Features

  • Online and blended learning options available
  • Internship and leadership opportunities available
  • Small school environment with more one-on-one attention from teachers
  • Personalized learning experience for every student

Virtual Learning ​​

The Virtual Learning (VL) program serves grades 9-12. Full-time students take 100% of their classes online and from the convenience of home or other location. Students may also opt to take their online courses at the brick-and-mortar location, which provides students with additional supports including access to technology, counselors, and teachers. The flexibility of working from home or in a school setting provides a truly personalized learning environment.

 Special Features

  • Offers online courses supported by CMS teachers, including Honors, Advanced Placement, Career and Technical Education, and elective courses
  • Provides individualized schedules to ensure each student’s personal success
  • School operates on the traditional CMS calendar with summer courses offered (limited availability)
  • Students may participate in co-curricular activities and sports at their home school (transportation not provided)

Blended and Virtual Learning High Schools​​​​

Transportation Zone​​ ​School (Grade Level) Program ​Transportation ​Entry Grades ​Entrance Requirements
Countywide eLearning Academy (9-12) Virtual Learning CATs Card 9-12 Grades 9-10: Recommend review of online learner profile and completion of questionnaire* Grades 11-12: Recommend review of online learner profile and completion of questionnaire* Must undergo transcript review by school and request for Reassignment/Transfer**
Green​ ​iMeck Academy @ Cochrane HS (9-12) ​​Blended Learning ​Neighborhood Stops ​Grades 9-10: None Grades 11-12: Must undergo transcript review by school and request for Reassignment/Transfer*

* The online learner profile and questionnaire can be found in the e-Learning Academy section of the Performance Learning Center school website.​

Late Entry Transcript Review** Due to the specialized sequence of coursework taken in the Blended & Virtual Learning programs, the lottery application will not permit rising 11th or 12th graders to apply. Families of interested 11th and 12th graders must submit a request for Reassignment/Transfer. To ensure a prospective student has the academic foundation to transition into the program at these grades, a transcript review is necessary before a request for Reassignment/ Transfer can be processed. To apply using the transcript review and request for Reassignment/ Transfer process: • Contact the Blended or Virtual Learning school directly to arrange an appointment for the transcript review. • Obtain an official transcript from the current school and bring it to the appointment in a sealed envelope. The prospective student’s transcript will be reviewed by the school staff. If the result of the transcript review indicates that the student has the necessary prerequisites for entry into the grade desired, acknowledgement of transcript review approval will be provided on school letterhead. • Complete the online Request for Reassignment/ Transfer form. For this form to be accepted, the family must indicate that they have reviewed the applicable Magnet Expectations Agreement. The family submits the school’s letter of acknowledgement as supporting documentation to accompany the online request for Reassignment/ Transfer form registered with the Student Placement office. Request approval is dependent upon grade level space availability. • Contact the CMS ESL department at (980) 343-0432 for transcript review assistance for students new to CMS from outside the USA.