The iMeck Academy of Global Influencers is the leading Digital Marketing, Multimedia and Design (DM2D) program in CMS, where student performance thrives through creativity. As a multimedia school, we are committed to teaching students the necessary marketing, editorial, design and communications skills needed to produce potent content. Our goal is to connect students with their passions that will drive their future careers. Learners who thrive in DM2D present an innovative approach to the demonstration of mastery, while cultivating their interests in Business, Marketing, Graphic Design, App and Web Development, Art or Journalism.

Special Features

  • 5 Career Pathways (Mini Majors) – Business, Digital Marketing, Customer Relationship Management,  Graphic Design, App and Web Development
  • Work Based Learning Opportunities
  • Industry Certifications (Adobe Suite Certification(s), Salesforce Certification, HTML5 Certification)
  • Imaginon partnership – Influencer Lab – coming in Spring 2022
  • Small class sizes and teacher-to-student ratio
  • 100% graduation rate in CMS for 2020
  •  College and Career Focused Field Trips and Simulations
  • Technology ratio is 1:1
  • Family-Like Atmosphere


Level Blue Green Violet
High School
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(1) iMeck serves the Green Zone and the Chambers (formerly Vance) part of the Violet Zone.


Students can apply to this “Influencer Magnet Program” through the School Choice lottery (for rising 9th and 10th graders) or via a request for transfer and a transcript review (for rising 11th and 12th graders) once the lottery has ended.

Magnet Expectations Agreement

Digital Marketing, Multimedia & Design Expectations Agreement (revised 7/31/2023): English Version

iMeck students are empowered to engage with the following Career Pathways…

  • Business Management Students will gain valuable skills and experience for and about business, finance, and management
  • Graphic and Digital Design – Students will develop skills in video and image manipulation, web development and visual communication.
  • App Development and Web Design – Students will focus on audio, video, and graphic design techniques.  
  • Digital Marketing Pathway – Students will be exposed to the basic principles, strategy, career opportunities, and technical skills necessary to compete in the digital marketplace.
  • Customer Relationship Management Pathway – Students will become equipped with high demand marketing skills

Video Highlights from iMeck