Learning Immersion and Talent Development

The Learning Immersion and Talent Development (LI/TD) program provides students a learning environment focused on instructional strategies for advanced learners and rigorous curriculum. Students are expected to use analytical and critical thinking skills to solve real-world problems. Each school’s staff receives ongoing professional development on research-based strategies for best supporting advanced and gifted learners.

The Learning Immersion (LI) program serves grades K-5. Students are taught using rigorous instructional strategies and curriculum to foster critical and analytical thinking skills to help them reach their greatest academic potential. All CMS students are evaluated during 2nd grade for entrance into the Talent Development (TD) program, which serves students grade 3-5. Students who are participating in an LI program are automatically eligible to submit a portfolio for evaluation, if needed, after completing the COGAT in the fall.

The Talent Development (TD) program serves grades 3-5. The TD program provides a full-day, inclusive program for identified gifted students. Identified TD students in 5th grade have automatic continuation to the International Baccalaureate (IB) program in their transportation zone. Students who are not identified as TD by grade 3 may remain in the school and continue in the LI program. Automatic continuation for non-identified students is not available and students must attend their home middle school or apply for a middle school of choice during the lottery.

Special Features

  • Teachers trained and knowledgeable in gifted instructional strategies, social and emotional supports, and curriculum
  • Gifted resources and strategies incorporated daily
  • Adjusted pacing/compacted curriculum
  • Instruction focused on encouragement of growth and development of 21st century skills such as real-world experiences and problem-based learning

Learning Immersion and Talent Development schools​​​

Notice to all students applying for LI/TD magnet seats during the 2020-2021 CMS School Choice Lottery

Grades 3-5
All rising students in grades 3-5 must be identified as gifted (Academically Gifted, Intellectually Gifted, Academically Intellectually Gifted, Academically Gifted Reading Only and/or Academically Gifted Math Only) in order to apply for a magnet seat at an LI/TD magnet school.

All CMS second graders are screened for gifted identification using multiple criteria, including formal and informal assessments. The second grade gifted screening process is comprehensive and spans the course of a few months, resulting in several pathways to gifted identification.

CMS second grade Talent Development (TD) portfolios will be scored throughout the month of January and gifted eligibility will be determined. Students identifying as gifted through this informal assessment opportunity will be eligible to participate in the second round of the School Choice Lottery in January 2020. Once a student is properly coded as gifted in PowerSchool, the LI/TD magnet options will populate on their School Choice Lottery application.

In order to provide equitable access to the LI/TD magnet seats, decisions regarding 3rd-5th grade magnet seats for LI/TD schools will not be made until the conclusion of the 2nd round of the School Choice Lottery. The timeline for 3rd–5th grade LI/TD notification after the 2nd lottery provides an opportunity for all eligible applicants to be appropriately identified and for the 2nd grade gifted screening process to be completed. All gifted identified students who apply to the School Choice Lottery for an LI/TD magnet seat in grades 3-5 will receive the same level of access to the lottery.

  • Families who are interested in applying for 3rd-5th grade LI/TD magnet seats in the 2020-2021 lottery should apply for those seats during the first round of the School Choice Lottery by December 13, 2019.
  • Students who apply for an LI/TD seat in the first lottery do not need to reapply during the second round of the School Choice Lottery.
  • Decisions regarding 3rd-5th grade magnet seats for LI/TD schools will not be made until the 2nd round of the lottery. This includes both first and second round applicants. Notifications of placement will be communicated to families in early February.

Grades K-2
Families of students in grades K-2 who are interested in applying for an LI/TD magnet seat should apply to the School Choice Lottery as soon as possible. K-2 LI/TD applications will be processed at the end of each round of the lottery. K-2 students seeking the sibling priority guarantee will not receive this guarantee until the end of the 2nd round of the lottery when all requests for grades 3-5 are processed. The sibling priority will be enacted when the older sibling is placed into an LI/TD seat. Please check to ensure that the address of each sibling is exactly the same in PowerSchool, the student information system for CMS. Please note that the School Choice Lottery will not activate the sibling priority if the addresses do not match exactly.