The focus of the Visual and Performing Arts program is to develop a student’s talents and passion for the arts. Students receive specialized studies in dance, music, theatre arts, and visual arts. As an integral part of a strong academic program, the Arts are approached through Arts education, integration and exposure.

At the elementary level, the Arts are used as a catalyst for building a collaborative, creative, Arts-infused culture and community. Students receive weekly classes in each of the four arts disciplines, as well as Arts integrated instruction in their grade-based classroom.

Students continuing to the middle and high school program will receive seven consecutive years of rigorous, intensive instruction in the visual and performing arts at a pre-professional level. The program provides flexible, skill-based groupings in the visual and performing arts to address the needs of individual students.

*Athletic programs and marching band are not offered on Visual & Performing Arts school sites. Students may participate in these activities at their home school (transportation is not provided).

Visual & Performing Arts Schools

Level Blue Green Violet
Elementary School
Middle School
High School

(1) Long Creek Elementary serves the Violet Zone and the Blue portion of the West Mecklenburg High feeder pattern.

Entry Requirements

  • Students in kindergarten through 5th can apply through the School Choice Lottery. There are no entry requirements.
  • There are currently no entry requirements for 6th-8th grade students entering Crestdale Middle School. Students can apply through the School Choice Lottery.
  • A School Choice Lottery application and a successful audition are required for entry to Northwest School of the Arts. Click here to schedule an audition.

Our Elementary Magnets are A+ Schools

A+ Schools of North Carolina is the largest, longest running, most successful arts-based whole-school reform effort in the nation. Since 1995, A+ Schools has been using the arts as a catalyst for creating connections and making school engaging, meaningful and enjoyable places to teach and learn. In this video, learn more about A+ and how it transforms teaching and learning.

Magnet Expectations Agreement

Visual and Performing Arts Expectations Agreement English version

Students Who Thrive in Visual and Performing Arts…

  • Are creative thinkers
  • Enjoy instruction in dance, music, theatre arts, and visual arts
  • Welcome opportunities to participate in performances
  • Learn from visiting artists and guest speakers
  • Are visual and hands-on learners
  • Thrive in special instructional opportunities, like photography, band, orchestra, and piano

Northwest School of the Arts Flip-Books

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Video Highlights from Our Visual & Performing Arts Schools

Crestdale Middle School
Long Creek Elementary School 2021 Open House Video
Long Creek Elementary School 2021 Virtual Tour
Northwest School of the Arts
Northwest School of the Arts Virtual Tour