Our Equity Agenda

We leverage the power of relationships with families, school staff, and district leaders to provide guidance, influence, and advocacy for students and families to have the opportunity to maximize each student’s academic success through relevant theme-based experiences.

Core Values

Our core values are rooted in our equity agenda…

  • Diversity – We embrace the fact that diversity strengthens communities and contributes to students’ academic success.
  • Innovation – We harness the power of innovation to create solutions.
  • Excellence – We demand excellence of ourselves and the programs that we support.
  • Instruction – We embed a variety of approaches, staying on the cutting edge of the workforce trends and needs, to produce students that are ready now. We engage even our youngest learners to dream about possibilities of the future.
  • Partnership – We leverage partnerships to meet families and schools where they are so that we can all flourish.


The CMS Magnet office strives for excellence, equity and access by connecting students’ interests and needs with high-quality themes and educational approaches.


All CMS magnet school students will be challenged, excited and equipped for excellence through access to innovative, integrated, theme-based learning experiences that advance equity, diversity and opportunity.

Hexagons & Arrows

Hexagons: We use hexagons quite a bit in our School Choice branding. In fact, hexagons are exclusively used as a part of our own signature within the CMS brand. And of course you are probably wondering why! There are interesting connections between hexagons in math and science! From hexagonal basalt stones in Ireland to honeycomb bee formations, we see many examples of how nature maximizes space and creates efficiency.

Unlike grouped circles, hexagons fit together without any gaps. Our magnet programs fill gaps, to strengthen the structure of the district, much like a hexagon in nature has a way of using simple rules to create elegant solutions. Hexagons are a positive reflection of who we are!

Arrows: Like the hexagon, the arrow is a symbol used throughout our branding. Our team operates diligently and intentionally, in unison, to move the district’s goals and strategic plans forward. Our work is forever changing to meet the needs of our families but is always in an effort to advance, progress, and promote innovation and theme-integrated learning.