The overall goal of the World Languages & Language Immersion programs is to promote high academic achievement in literacy and proficiency in dual languages while enhancing the level of cultural awareness among students. Students learn a new language or retain high proficiency in a heritage language, embrace diversity and become responsible leaders in a culturally diverse world.


Language Immersio​​​n Program

Students have the unique opportunity to become highly proficient in Chinese, French, German, Japanese, or Spanish by participating in the elementary Language Immersion program. From the first days in kindergarten, students become familiar with the new language as lessons are conducted in the target language for all or part of the instructional day. In order for students to gain the greatest academic benefit, they can apply in kindergarten and continue through high school. At the middle and high school levels, students continue in the study of their target language and may have the opportunity to begin the study of an additional world language.

World Languages (Non-Immersion) Pro​​​gram

Students can select to study Chinese, French, German, Japanese or Spanish beginning at the entry level in grade 6. Successful completion of Levels I and II while in middle school earns students two high school credit units. In order for students to gain the greatest academic benefit, they may apply in grade 6 and continue through high school.

World Language & Language Immersion Schools

(1) Language immersion schools require a Late Entry Assessment after 1st grade.

(2) Rising 2-5 graders in language immersion at SAIL (Waddell) may continue at SAIL with transportation.

Late-Entry Requirement

“Late Entry” means that a student is entering a specialized program at a grade other than the normal entry grade of kindergarten. This applies to students who will be entering 1st grade and higher in the 2021-2022 school year. Our dual language/immersion programs are not designed for students who have not had exposure to the target language. Students in these programs should already be familiar with the language. 

To learn more about Late-Entry Assessments, visit this page.

Magnet Expectations Agreements

Learners Who Thrive in Dual Language/Immersion & World Languages…

  • Enjoy learning a new language
  • Are excited to participate in local international events
  • Welcome opportunities to become proficient in a 2nd or 3rd language
  • Can handle K-8 curriculum taught in a target language
  • Embrace 6-12 instruction that emphasizes different languages and cultures

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